The current trend is adopting agile methodologies. It has proven that adopting agile methods can lead to high quality products that meet the customers' need. We are training our developers to write code that is easy to maintain, adapt, and expand. We use agile practices like frequent deliveries, continuous integration, build, deployment, test automation so that product is as per customers requirement.


Most enterprises today have some kind of cloud presence but we are working to use the vast opportunities that cloud affords. The pressures are growing in competitive markets to accelerate cloud adoption company-wide or risk falling behind the competition. There are seven stages to a successful cloud-first journey, and each one requires a significant level of expertise to be done right. Fallon gives a holistic approach to cloud transformation—from advisory to build, and from migration to management—that accelerates a company’s move to digital business

Application Development

The model we are currently focusing on is Service Contracts. Having an in-house technology staff can be very costly and in some cases an unnecessary expense. If you currently have a staff but are not getting the results that you deserve, or if they are just constantly too busy, we can work alongside of them without the added expense of hiring more people.


The value of software testing to a company's performance and reputation is immeasurable. Production flaws and delivery delays can damage profits, competitiveness and customer loyalty. We FallOn Software takes a strategic approach to quality management, helping you improve business agility while reducing costs and technical risks.

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We are committed to provide our customers with excellence in service. Providing excellence is an uphill struggle. This is our strategic differentiator. This is true in the area of providing services. Since we believe that business success is closely related to the quality of service we provide. As IT embraces cloud transformation, data & information management and mobility, IT needs new tools, new processes, and new organization to implement and maintain this IT Service Excellence.

We believe that when organizations can produce objective evidence that they always give products that are very high in quality then they have high chance of success. Defective product comes from defective processes and fixing the process will improve the product quality. That is how we plan to attract customers. Our goal is to keep testing the product from the very beginning so that defects are identified and fixed. An effective quality assurance function gives us confidence that our quality management disciplines are in place and operating.

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